My Story

Possibilities fascinate me. My story is a series of possibilities—flashes in time, where decisions matter and life changes because opportunity sparks passion and passion drives me.

Criminal justice was my first passion and I believed I’d be the next great Profiler. I was dedicated, excited, and committed. But halfway through grad school something caught my eye and flash—a new chapter. Habitat for Humanity ignited a passion for volunteer work and I discovered a talent for nonprofits and program development. It was fulfilling and exiting work. But flash--economy crashed and I was laid off. I took the opportunity to go back to school and earned a Masters in Human Resource Development. This allowed me to leverage my experience and passion in diversity work, which ultimately led me to corporate America. My time in HR & Diversity with three Fortune 100 companies offered opportunity to develop corporate credentials and I learned how engagement and the bottom line connect. But a lagging economy and repeated cutbacks helped shape my future and flash—two more layoffs.


The passage out of corporate life taught me almost as much as journey in. There are resources for the unemployed--you just have to dig. Career centers, assessments, and informational interviews sparked an interest in personal development that seemed to tie together so much of my story. Flash—a new opportunity helping others navigate this path of potential and passion, and finding the places where they come together; it’s that space where excitement ignites and stories begin, at the crossroads of fear and excitement. Are you at that crossroads? I’ve been there too. I’d like to help you discover your potential, develop your strengths, and find the flashpoint where your next chapter begins and your goals are achieved.

Values & Approach

  • Leveraging a strengths-based approach, we'll talk about how to tap what you are good at and gives you energy, and develop your own personal brand.
  • Openness and authenticity are starting points. I'll help guide you in developing your strengths. We’ll talk about what excites you and where your talents lie. We all have unique gifts and I want to understand yours.
  • Individuality is the key, and a one-size-fits-all approach is the last thing you need when it comes to career development and planning.
  • A variety of different tools, strategies, and tactics will be leveraged that are unique to your journey.
  • Together, we’ll find that insightful moment and then focus on ways to make it a flashpoint.
  • I’ll do my best to be fair and impartial, blending tactical solutions (the real stuff) with your aspirations and goals.
  • You have incredible powers for solving problems. I want to help you find that skill and use it to write your story.

My StrengthsFinder Top 12

  1. Empathy

  2. Belief

  3. Analytical

  4. Harmony

  5. Communication

  6. Developer

  7. Responsibility

  8. Significance

  9. Connectedness

  10. Learner

  11. Focus

  12. Activator

How my Strengths show up in coaching:

  • Ability to make authentic connections with others

  • Guided by both head and heart

  • Listen with intent

  • Intuitive

  • Ask critical questions to further discovery and development

  • Help turn thoughts into action

  • Help you prioritize, act and stay on track

  • Solutions-focused

  • Growth-oriented encourager

  • Reliable, dependable and consistent

  • Passionate and uncompromising about core values